Why should I short sale my home ?

 Large Percentage of Homes currently listed for sale are mortgaged for far more than their fair market value in today’s market.

Why do "Short Sales"

  • Homeowners need to get out of overwhelming debt.
  • Homeowners need a way to preserve their future creditworthiness.
  • Mortgage holders need to avoid foreclosures and minimize their losses.
  • Qualified buyers are insisting on bargain "discounted deals".
  • Knowledgeable Loan Officers are now conservative with purchase loans.


  • Short Sales protect your credit
  • Short Sales are a direct benefit to Homeowners, Loan Officers and Buyers all brought together by us as your Realtor.
  • Short Sales are a Win, Win - for all parties

How Does It Work?

  • Homeowner authorizes BarackRealty to negotiate with Mortgage Holders on their behalf.
  • We negotiate with the mortgage holder/Bank to discount the mortgage payout and accepted the selling price as payout. 
  • We market and sell your home at the price accepted as "Full Payout" by the mortgage holder.
  • We make sure that the bank discount mortgage write-off is not considered an income for the Homeowner by way of 1099 avoiding paying IRS income on that amount.

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